Gigi Hadid Confirms Bella Hadid’s ‘Intense’ Lyme Disease Treatment


Gigi Hadid shared insight into sister Bella Hadid’s struggles with Lyme disease.

Gigi, 28, took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, August 1, to address Bella’s battle with the disease. “Just wanna touch on this post from last week,” she wrote over a photo of the two at the LVMH Prize Edition Party in 2019 together. “Bella just finished a long and intense treatment for Lyme disease … (Didn’t want some to take my post as a promise she’ll be back for shows this next season…) I’m so proud of her and excited for her comeback whenever she feels ready.”

Through the years, Bella has been open about her struggle with Lyme disease — which she first was diagnosed with in 2012 at age 16. In March, she posted a TikTok of a flare-up she was suffering from after a root canal surgery which resulted in a tooth infection. She moved the camera from side to side while poking at her face, showing how inflated she was.

“There was a low-grade infection underneath the tooth, NEXT to the tooth I thought was suffering, which is the one I got a root canal on a year ago,” she captioned the post. “This made my Lyme flare up, which means the Lyme is attacking the places that are suffering ie tooth, jaw, gut, brain, spine, bones, etc oh and the entire nervous system.”

Gigi Hadid Opens Up About Bella Hadid’s ‘Long and Intense’ Lyme Disease Treatment
Courtesy of Gigi Hadid/Instagram

She continued: “Any minor trauma to the body whether it’s physically or mentally can cause Lyme to flare up … Lyme flare ups happen all the time, so that doesn’t worry me, it’s more-so the jaw situation and how radiating the pain is especially with the Lyme … When my jaw/nerves started to hurt on an aggressive level; it just went 0-100.”

Bella concluded the post by explaining she copes with the pain through horseback riding. “I feel better when I’m riding! I think my horses just really take my mind off the pain,” she wrote.

The following day, she gave her followers an update on her condition, noting that she was feeling “decent.” Bella continued to share symptoms she faces when she’s “working a lot” or feeling stressed. “My skin changes color, I break out randomly, I get (what feels like) lesions, lethargy, chronic anxiety, zero motivation or purpose, leaky gut, adrenals, depressed.”

Since having to get her tooth removed, Bella has not shared any updates on her symptoms.

Mom Yolanda Hadid and brother Anwar Hadid also suffer from Lyme disease.

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