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Gamers are more than a match for endurance tests, but this was a challenge too far for mum Holly Lee who set out in prime shopping mode when Amazon opened pre-ordering of the flagship in late September. Success swiftly followed with a £449 Series X, hailed for its speed and smoothness, in the bag and Christmas sorted in the Lee household.

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But delivery in early November turned into a fraught affair with a no-show, Holly told Crusader. “For over a week we kept being promised the parcel would arrive, then finally it couldn’t be delivered, they were out of stock and my order was cancelled.

“It was a massive let-down. I’m still waiting for the refund and only then can I go to the back of the queue somewhere else.”

Crusader alerted Amazon which speeded up the return of the money and also sent the family £150 goodwill gesture for the inconvenience.

“We’re all about making our customers happy, and that didn’t happen for a small proportion of these orders,” said a spokesman. “We’re reaching out to every customer who’s made us aware so we can offer them a replacement. Anyone who has had an issue with any order can contact our customer services team for help.”

The games and consoles UK market has grown 55 per cent this year and set to be worth £2 billion with more than half of owners ready to upgrade, according to analyst Mintel.

Disappointment reigns among avid gamers as severe stock shortages of their object of desire continues. Holly’s pre-dawn sortie when Argos released some also failed.

They are available however for anyone ready to pay £800, the going rate advertised on some sites and suspected to come from profiteering resellers. It’s a price many gamers tell Crusader is not fair play and should be clamped down on.

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