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Millions of holidaymakers flock to the Costa de Sol and Málaga, cherished destinations in Spain, every year, but tensions are brewing as locals voice their frustration against the influx of tourists.

In a bold expression of discontent, the walls and doors of Málaga’s city centre have been adorned with stickers conveying the sentiments of its residents. Ranging from the mild “this used to be my home” (antes esta era mi casa) to the stark “go f*****g home” (a tu puta casa), these messages reflect a growing sentiment among locals.

The surge in tourism, coupled with an increasing number of short-term rentals, has sparked outrage among Málaga’s inhabitants. Dani Drunko, owner of the popular bar Drunkorama, spearheaded the sticker initiative, inspired by personal experiences of being displaced from his home.

In an interview with local newspaper Diario Sur, Drunko recounted his eviction from a property he had called home for a decade. He attributed this to the landlord’s preference for lucrative short-term rentals over long-term tenants like himself.

“There’s a lot of hype because locals are tired of the situation,” Drunko said. “Málaga city centre has been going downhill for a long time.”

Local politician Dani Pérez echoed these sentiments, criticising the mayor’s inaction in addressing the concerns of Málaga’s residents.

Pérez lamented the proliferation of lockboxes for tourist rentals, accusing authorities of neglecting the needs of the city’s native inhabitants.

Recent reports suggest a noticeable transformation in Málaga’s landscape, with an increasing number of residential buildings converted into tourist accommodations. The surge in tourism has coincided with rising living costs, exacerbating the sense of alienation among locals.

Despite its popularity among tourists and expatriates, Málaga finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the consequences of its newfound status as a hotspot for international visitors and digital nomads.

As the city continues to undergo rapid transformation, the voices of its disgruntled residents grow louder, demanding recognition and action from authorities.

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