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Four skiers reportedly plunged to the ground after the chair lift they were travelling on broke from its cable in a freak accident.

It is thought a “gust of wind” caused the cable to break. The horrific incident unfolded around halfway up a chairlift at the Thredbo Ski resort in New South Wales, Australia.

Two women in their 20s were reportedly treated at the scene for back injuries, reports The Sun. They were airlifted to hospital after falling several metres onto the snow.

A man in his 20s also suffered facial injuries. He is said to have been taken to hospital for treatment.

A spokesperson for the resort told The Sun the incident was caused by “a freak gust of wind”. They added: “Thredbo can confirm there was an isolated incident affecting a single chair on Kosciuszko Chairlift at approximately 2.20pm on Saturday caused by a freak gust of wind.

“There were no major injuries caused, and the three guests involved are being looked after by the team. No other guests or chairs were affected.

“Thredbo is committed to the safety of our guests and our people. The incident is currently being thoroughly investigated by SafeWork NSW and an independent engineer.

“Thredbo assures guests that their safety is paramount and that we will continue to apply our high standards of safety and risk management.”

At almost 2km long, the Kosciuszko Chairlift is Australia’s longest ski lift. It was completed around 33 years ago.

It comes as gusts of up to 65kmph were recorded in the area on Saturday.

A similar incident occured in 2019 when a skiier fell 30-feet from the Gunbarrel quad chairlift shortly before it arrived at the top of a hill. On that occasion the rider suffered bruising.

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