Flying Terminid Bugs Have Snuck Into Helldivers 2


Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead Game Studios quietly snuck flying Terminid bugs into the game in the latest update, it seems. Windows Central noticed flying Shrieker bugs are enemies that appear on planets plagued with Terminids and while official accounts for the game play coy, more and more players are running into them. 

It seems the Shriekers were added with Patch 1.000.102, which went live yesterday. Coincidentally, that patch was centered on Terminids and nerfing spawn rates for Bile Titans and Chargers on the harder difficulties of Helldivers 2. Windows Central reports Shriekers only appear when a “Shrieker Lair” is one of the side objectives on a planet, noting they look like “smaller versions of the mushroom-like Spore Towers that perpetually keep a large area around them covered in a thick haze.” 

Shrieker Lairs, like the Spore Towers and Terminid egg nests can be destroyed up close and from afar with a well-placed rocket, grenade, or strategem. 

Keep your eyes on the skies, Helldivers and remember…DEMOCRACY.

For more about the game, read Game Informer’s Helldivers 2 review, and then read about a recent patch that introduced meteor showers and fire tornadoes to the game. After that, check out the Cutting Edge Warbond coming to the game tomorrow. 

[Source: Windows Central]

Have you encountered any flying Terminids? Let us know in the comments below!

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