Flooding in B.C. led to fry shortage at McDonald’s in Japan, company says


Japan’s McDonald’s stores are set to put a pause on medium and large orders of fries this Friday, saying B.C. flooding contributed to potato supply-chain issues.

In a statement to announce it would begin selling only small orders of fries in response to bottlenecks caused by the pandemic, the fast food chain specifically pointed to flooding at the Port of Vancouver as the culprit. 

‘Import delays have occurred for potatoes imported from North America due to the effects of a large-scale flood near the Port of Vancouver, Canada — which is a transit point for shipping services,’ the company said in a translated release.

The Port of Vancouver, one of North America’s largest shipping hubs, is still working its way through a backlog of built-up cargo after November flooding forced thousands of people from their homes and stalled truck and train access to the port. 

McDonald’s Japan said it would begin selling only small orders of fries on Friday and plans for larger-size fry sales to resume in the new year.

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