Five Re-releases I Can’t Wait To Play (Again)


When you look at the upcoming games of 2021, you can see that this year is poised to deliver plenty of brand-new experiences. Though many exact release dates remain vague, the months ahead will bring impressive-looking games with the potential to show off what the new generation of hardware can achieve – but that isn’t the only exciting thing I see on the release schedule.

I am looking forward to new games, but I am equally enthusiastic about the opportunity to revisit some of my old favorites in new forms.  After all, as fun as it can be to anticipate the unknown, I also enjoy familiar comforts. This year is looking especially good on that front, with various remasters and updates for games that have already achieved great success and claimed many hours of my time. That isn’t going to stop me from playing them all over again, though. Of all the big re-releases of 2021, these are the five I’m most eager to dive back into.

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