FIA President: F1 controversy will continue, otherwise it turns into wrestling


Formula 1 will always be a hotbed for controversy as teams and drivers push the limits of what is acceptable in the complex technical and sporting regulations, according to FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

It is often what supplements the action away from the track, with the 2022 season providing its fair share of controversies throughout the year.

Ben Sulayem believes this is can’t be avoided in a sport with as many rules and procedures.

“You will always see controversy here, that happens in the battle between the teams that perform at the limit. They always find something. Every hour is a new challenge,” he told the media, including

“It’s going well, but as the FIA ​​we must also be careful. On the one hand the money is important, but on the other hand we are indispensable as a governing body.

“You cannot do it in this sport without the rules and constant adjustment and update these rules.”

F1 regulation shouldn’t become a struggle

The FIA has come under fire for its handling of controversy in the past, most recently the Abu Dhabi 2021 drama and the cost cap saga this year.

In a moment on stage at the recent FIA Gala between Red Bull boss Christian Horner and President Ben Sulayem, the latter defended the governing body’s handling of the points system at the 2022 Japanese Grand Prix.

President Ben Sulayem reiterates the importance of independent governance across motorsport, warning that it could end up “like WWF without a board” if there is complacency.

“What do you want to end up with? Like in wrestling? Like the WWF without a board? No, that board should stay here,” he said.

“The FIA ​​is complex, I must admit. Why? When you look at another sport like football, the rules are clearer. There is one goal size and one football size. Everyone is watching. When you look at [what] the FIA ​​is watching, then you have different classes. Karting, for example.

“Forget Formula 1 for a while and look at all the other classes, such as rallying. Every day is a new challenge, but a fun challenge.”

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