FIA ban Mercedes invention for 2023 season


The FIA has banned a front wing design introduced by Mercedes during the 2022 Formula 1 season.

The wing, which was not raced, was part of an upgrade package the team brought to the United States Grand Prix as they worked to try and find solutions to the problems with their W13 machine.

Featuring new slot-gap generators, it was suggested that it could give an aerodynamic performance boost – namely the out-washing of air.

While these slot-gap generators were allowed, they had to be for mechanical, structural or measurement reasons, with the FIA tightening up the rules in this area to avoid uncertainty.

Mercedes were able to develop the design, with support of the FIA, after old wording in the technical regulations simply said the slot gap generators had to “connect consecutive” profiles of the front wing.

The revised rules state that a “structural connection” between consecutive profiles is now required.

The team did run the wing (which can be seen below) in Mexico practice but did not commit to doing so in Qualifying or a Grand Prix to avoid rivals lodging protests against it.

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