Ferrari reveal true cause of Leclerc’s dramatic DNF


Ferrari have discovered the cause of Charles Leclerc’s power unit problems at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Leclerc was forced to retire from a commanding lead during Sunday’s 66-lap race. His DNF left the door open for title rival Max Verstappen to take both the win and the lead in the F1 standings.

As his engine problems emerged, Leclerc reported via team radio that he had “lost power” and added: “I think the turbo has exploded.”

Following post-race examinations, Ferrari have now confirmed that they have found both the turbo and the MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit – Heat) to be damaged beyond repair. They will therefore be replaced.

Ferrari satisfied that DNF is not a “design fault”

Ferrari have also confirmed that, having fully analysed the failure and its cause, the team are satisfied that it did not occur through a design fault or a reliability issue.

However, Leclerc will be left fearing future penalties that could have an impact on 2022’s title fight. Drivers are only permitted to use three Turbos and MGU-Hs during an entire season. The use of a fourth component will result in a grid drop.

Leclerc was already using his second round of engine parts. It is not clear if his first used engine parts are now in his ‘pool’ ready to be reused.

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