Ferrari have made changes to help Sainz as he nears unwanted F1 record


Carlos Sainz says Ferrari have made tweaks to his car that appear to be delivering results after a race in Montreal spent pushing without fear of losing control.

The Spanish driver endured a difficult start to the season, with teammate Charles Leclerc appearing to have a much better handle on the team’s F1-75.

While Leclerc stormed to two early wins, Sainz either followed him over the line or paid the price of a mistake, denting his hopes of joining the title fight.

But Ferrari have been making tweaks to his car in order to bring it more in line with the 27-year-old’s driving style – and he is witnessing results.

“There is some good progress being made with the car, we’ve changed a bit of things on the car to try and make it a bit more to my liking and they seem to be working,” he beamed, speaking to media including

Sainz focusing on himself as he nears unwanted F1 record

Sainz is keen to continue to settle into his car before he gives Ferrari the thumbs up regarding the direction their updates are heading in.

He is still chasing his maiden Grand Prix win, despite having finished second 11 times. No driver has ever made it to 14 podiums without standing on the top step, with the current record (13) being held by Nick Heidfeld.

That triumph was almost delivered to him in Canada, but he proved unable to pass a faultless Max Verstappen during the final laps.

“I think I need more circuits, more different kinds of corners to have a proper feel for that,” he elaborated.

“I want to take it race by race”

“I said it a few races ago, I want to take it a bit more race by race and not worry too much about the championship, or anything like that,” Sainz added.

“I really want to focus on getting to a track and see if I can get myself in a good window of performance and comfort inside the car.

“In Canada, I did that. Ever since FP1, I looked very quick both in qualifying and race pace. And in the race I was pushing flat out without any fear of losing the car, like I had in Barcelona.”

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