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Florentino Perez has sensationally claimed that the European Super League is not yet dead, with all clubs “almost still in” because they have not paid the penalisation fee. The Real Madrid president, who was also acting as the chairman of the potential breakaway, is refusing to lie down to despite the collapse of the ESL.

He still remains confident that we have not seen the last of the organisation and that clubs could still go ahead with the staggering proposal.

All of the Big Six English clubs pulled out on Tuesday night after Chelsea and Manchester City became the first to withdraw.

But even still, with just four clubs remaining, Perez is refusing to write off the European Super League entirely.

He told El Larguero: “The Super League is not dead, we’ll continue working on this project. Now it’s on stand-by.

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“It cannot continue – at the moment the rich are those who are losing money.”

Perez also claimed that none of the clubs have yet paid the legal fees involved in order to officially leave the ESL.

He previously warned on Monday night that the contract was legally binding, meaning clubs could not leave under any circumstances without huge legal complications.

Now he has changed his tune but has reiterated there are huge financial penalties involved for any club turning their back on the proposal.

“Nobody has yet paid the penalisation fee for leaving the Super League,” he added.

“I’m really sad and disappointed. Maybe we didn’t explain the Super League project properly.

“We are almost all still in this, they have not officially left yet…

He also said: “If this project doesn’t work, another one will. Remember: all the 12 clubs have signed a binding contract.”

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