European race rotation from 2026 hinted by Domenicali


Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has hinted at some European races possibly being rotated on the calendar from 2026 onwards.

Europe used to be the hub for F1 races, but there has been a steady increase in both the number of races and those outside Europe in recent years.

New venues like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Miami and Las Vegas have joined the calendar, with the expansion push meaning some circuits viewed as ‘traditional’ races are facing uncertain futures.

The Monaco, Belgian, Italian and Dutch Grands Prix are all without contracts for 2026, with the Spanish GP set to move to Madrid from Barcelona in 2026.

With the increase in demand for races given F1’s surge in popularity, and only a finite space on the calendar, the idea of race rotation has been floated, something Domenicali has strongly hinted at could come in 2026.

“That is a year where there will be a lot of grands prix, mainly in Europe, where we have different options that we can take,” he said during an investors call when asked about 2026.

“I think Madrid shows one thing that was very important for us, to see that the attention of F1 is there, also in the old continent, where everyone was thinking, ‘Oh, you know, we need to move out of Europe, because there’s not anymore the interest.’ But we showed the opposite.”

‘Something interesting’ on the horizon in 2026

Domenicali went on to give his biggest hint yet that some European venues being rotated from 2026 is an option on the table.

“I think in ’26, you’re going to see something interesting,” he admitted. “We are discussing with other promoters in Europe to do something that will be announced soon.

“But Madrid will be a big boost. Because the event will be organised in a place where we’ll be around the convention area to allow the opportunity for fans to live that event in an incredible way.

“But the focus in Spain is in Barcelona. There is a big commitment to do a great grand prix there in the next couple of years.”

Something else which Domenicali did discuss during the investors call was why some venues have received long-term contracts. During the winter break, for example, the British Grand Prix at Silverstone was given a new 10-year deal until 2034.

“I think as always when we take the decision with regard to the renewal, there are a lot of elements that we need to consider,” the Italian added.

“First of all, of course, the financial aspect is relevant, no doubt.

“And the fact that we are able to stabilise with certain promoters, which we believe represent incredible opportunities, in terms of our stability in these markets, is a relevant element to consider.

“The fact that you have seen in the last couple of years that we were able to ratify incredible agreements with certain promoters means that is, from one side, of course, a very interesting financial package.

“But on the other side, an incredible opportunity to develop our business in other areas that are on top of the one that is related to the promotional fee. And that’s really our approach.”

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