EU speed limiters expected to hit UK cars criticised by drivers – ‘What’s the point?’


From July 6, 2022, all newly launched cars will legally have to be fitted with a speed limiter. The European Commission reached a provisional agreement for a driving law change that would see all new vehicles sold in Europe after that date will be fitted with a speed limiter.

This will limit the engine’s power and the vehicle’s speed to that defined limit.

If the driver does go over the speed limit, the limiter will send haptic, audio and visual warnings until they start driving within the speed limits.

However, according to AutoTrader, these systems can be switched off, defeating the purpose of having them in the first place.

Presenter Roy Reid spoke of the changes on their Youtube channel and how they could affect motorists when they are driving.

“They’ve tried to mitigate the annoyance by first displaying the flashing light before the beep.

“But everybody one is still quite cross.

“Having your car continuously grass you up every time you speed or switch the system off, it’s not a nice thought is it.”

The plans have received harsh criticism from drivers, as they fear it may come with extra road issues.

One reader, Gingernut, claimed: “It’s an electronic device. Electronic devices do fail.

“Electronic devices nearly always fail at the wrong time.

“This one just when you are in the middle of overtaking and the engine cuts out altogether.

“Don’t say it can’t happen, they said smart motorways were safe.”

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