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Britain formally cut full ties with the EU on December 31, 2020, as the Brexit transition period came to an end. Six months after the UK’s departure, leading Brexiteer Nigel Farage has hailed the success of Brexit and claimed many in Europe are looking on in jealousy at the UK’s exit from the bloc. As a result, the former Brexit Party leader claimed the EU will cease to exist within ten years.

Speaking to Fox Business, Mr Farage said Brexit’s success will become a model for other European countries “impressed” by Britain’s life outside of the EU.

He said: “We are out, we are free, the deal may not be perfect but it’s a lot better than it was before.

“There is now a 70 percent approval rating for Brexit now. And the rest of Europe is looking at that too!

“Now they see Britain is doing well with Brexit, the overall European project itself, I don’t believe this globalist project will even exist in ten years time.”

His comments come after Spanish MEP Hermann Tertsch claimed Euroscepticism is rising among EU states.

The European warned if officials don’t change their approach to ramp up integration, “we will have more exits”.

Mr Tertsch told “The lefties in the EU are in a hurry because they know Europe is changing.

“If you see the attitude of the Dutch, Austrians and Finnish, they are slowly but surely adopting a position inside the European Union that is very similar to the position the UK has had in the last 10 years before they quit.

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Other EU nations with campaigners increasingly taking vocal stances against the bloc include France and Italy.

Charles-Henri Gallois, president of the Generation Frexit political campaign group, is confident the campaign to take France out of the bloc will be a success – should a referendum on the issue take place.

At the beginning of the year, he said: “France can definitely be the next country to leave the EU and we are working on it with Génération Frexit.

“I think that if we can get a referendum on Frexit, we will win it as we will have a proper debate on the EU, which is not the case in other elections.”

Bookies pen Italy as the most likely country to quit the bloc., an online betting guide that rates 74 UK bookmakers, show Italy are the favourites to be the next country to leave the EU with Betfair having odds of 3/1 on the country quitting.

Greece and France also lead the way on Betway, with odds of 6/1 and 8/1 respectively.

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