Entry fees for 2023 F1 teams: Red Bull face sky-high bill


Every year, Formula 1 teams pay an entry fee to compete in the premier class, with the amount consisting of two elements; each team pays the standard fee of $617,687, and on top of that there is an amount per World Championship point scored in the previous season.

Additionally, the team that became champions also pay a higher amount per point, meaning that Red Bull are the outfit hit with the highest bill for 2023.

Like the other nine teams, the 2022 Constructors’ Champions pay the same standard amount but have to pay $7,411 per point, while the rest pay $6,174 per point.

In total, the Milton Keynes-based squad have to pay by far the most to compete again in 2023, with a bill of exactly $6,242,636.

Curious about the amounts that the other F1 teams will have to pay? Find them below.

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