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The cost of watching television during Christmas

Whether it’s tuning in to the King’s Speech or watching an old festive film, the running cost of a TV depends greatly on the size and model.

All televisions should have an energy efficiency label stating the kWH and to find out the running cost per hour, people can multiply the kWh by the cost of their energy per kWh.

Ofcom stated in 2021 Britons spent an average of five hours watching TV per day – or 35 hours per week.

If a TV runs on 60 watts, this can be divided by 1000 to calculate the kWH and then multiplied by one’s energy cost per kWh to find the cost over one hour.

For example, 0.06 x 34 is £2.04, which would equal £71 if the TV was used for 35 hours in a week.

Turning the TV off instead of leaving it on standby could help households save up to £40 across the year. Or alternatively, the TV could be ditched for a festive walk or board game with the family.

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