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Tom Jones reminded everyone of his incredible friendship with Elvis Presley during a moving moment on ITV’s The Voice, describing the first moment they met. Later on, when they both headlined their own shows at Las Vegas at the same time, the two stars spent many nights partying together. Elvis would also come and see Sir Tom’s late night show when his own had finished but had a habit of upstaging his friend.

Sir Tom described what would happen to Graham Norton: “When we played Vegas together, when he’d finish his shows and I’d still be there, he’d come to my shows.

“He’d always be there. Sometimes he’d walk on the stage. The strangest thing is I’d be in the middle of a song and then suddenly everyone would go ‘ahhh’, and I’d be thinking, ‘what’s happened?!'”

The Welsh star does not give deeper details but his PR at the time, Chris Hutchins, described it all much more bluntly.

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Hutchins also became friends with Elvis’ wife, Priscilla, and gave a unique perspective on the deep ties between the two singing superstars and their rivalry.

He said: “Whenever he (Elvis) was in the audience for one of Tom’s shows, he’d jump on stage and join him for a spot of playful banter.

“This delighted the fans who got two superstars for the price of one, but Tom had no intention of letting Elvis share his limelight in an impromptu duet.

“More than once, I heard him tell his stage crew: ‘Hide the microphone. Presley’s in.’”

Hutchins also revealed that Sir Tom could also be rather cutting about his fellow singer’s vocals.

Sir Tom was well known for his low cut, hairy chest-baring shirts and very tight trousers.

Hutchins said: “According to his bodyguard and friend Sonny West, Elvis often made quips about Tom’s trademark skin-tight trousers. ‘Does he stick a sock down there?’ he was fond of asking.”

Amusingly, Elvis had the chance to discover just that when he also interrupted Sir Tim during a shower.

 Sir Tom told Graham Norton: “One night, I’ve come off stage and Elvis is in the dressing room. He said, ‘Tom, I’ve got a song for you’ and I said, ‘Ok great, but I gotta get in the shower’, I’ve perspired so much.

“So I’m in the shower, and the water’s coming down and then I hear (Elvis singing). I was thinking I’m going bloody mad here, because I can hear Elvis Presley singing in the shower! Then I opened my eyes and he’s leaning over the door!”

Elvis was still there when Sir Tom came out from the shower. The King had used the toilet and had to call his bodyguard in to help him pull his tight leather trousers back up. Sir Tom, of course, is too polite to reveal whether Elvis may have needed a sock stuffed down his trousers…

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