EDF to launch new product and tariff trials to save customers money on energy bills | Personal Finance | Finance


EDF is due to launch five new product trials to help customers save money on their and reduce their carbon footprint.

The trials will explore how solar solutions for social housing, incentivised demand flexibility, as well as using electric vehicles and heat pumps for electric storage, can help a wide range of customers across the country save cash and carbon.

Over 2,000 customers will be invited to take part in the trials. Of these, 1,000 will participate in schemes aimed at shifting consumption, which may include being rewarded with free for reducing peak consumption during the week.

Working in partnership with Brighton and Hove City Council, another group of EDF customers in social housing properties will have solar panels installed, with some provided with a storage solution.

EDF technology will assess if there is any excess electricity stored. It will then seek the best price and sell it back to the grid, with the proceeds passed on to the customer.

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