DVLA: Drivers warned of risking £1,000 fine after major driving licence changes


The DVLA have recently introduced new rules and laws for drivers and failing to be in the know could land motorists with hefty fines or even points on their licence. A number of important driving laws have been changed in recent months with drivers being urged to check their details.

Speed limit changes

A number of roads in Scotland will see their speed limits decrease to 20mph.

This comes as evidence has shown that zones with slower speeds have made neighbourhoods safer and greener.

The lesser limit has been introduced in some villages and towns across Scotland as well as on roads in Edinburgh.

Number plate changes

Previously, every UK driver needed to have a GB sticker on their car, unless they had a number plate bearing the initials.

But now, a GB sticker or magnet will no longer be valid and will need to be replaced with a UK sticker if their number plate has a GB identifier with Union Jack, a Euro symbol, a national flag of Scotland, Wales, England or numbers and letters.

Those with GB on their plates have to order a new sticker or new number plate with the UK designation, although Scots are still able to travel abroad with number plates displaying the Scottish flag, but only if they have also placed the new sticker on their vehicle.

Speed limiters

Speed limiters are set to become mandatory in all new cars by 2022.

This new technology will alert road users if they are driving too fast, and in some instances can even intervene if they are going over the limit.

The limiter can be overridden in some circumstances like overtaking.

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