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Since its first episode in 2005, the den has seen 17 Dragons invest more than £4million, but what happens to those unlucky few that couldn’t stand the heat? These are three of the worst pitches to ever reach the den and the surprising position they find themselves in now.

Compounding one disaster on top of another, Mr Seddon promised that he had tested the product and it did in fact work.

However, when asked why this one was faulty he responded: “I haven’t got a clue”.

Despite the disaster pitch, Eggxactly Ltd received a European patent as well as over 10,000 pre-orders online by the end of 2009 and is still a fully-operational company today. 

Flow Signals


Dubbed “the worst invention ever” by Duncan Bannatyne in the den, Derek Cozen went in looking for £50,000 for his invention attached to lights and traffic signs in an attempt to make road traffic safer.

One of the biggest problems for the Dragons was that it appeared entirely unnecessary, meaning that there wouldn’t be a market or a purpose for the flow signals at the end of the day. 

Before Mr Cozen could even finish his pitch, three Dragons had left the deal.

Deborah Meaden commented: “I am pleading with you not to do it, it won’t affect my life at all but it’s going to affect your life.”

It has since been reported that Mr Cozen is still trying to convince people of his product’s usefulness, unfortunately with little success.

Professional Gains

Marco Hajikypri confidently went into the den offering 5 percent of his company Pro Gains for £125,000. 

The healthy meal delivery service had turned over £250,000 by the time it entered the den, however, when Mr Hajikypri revealed that he was in a dispute with another company over trademark rights, the Dragons’ interest quickly dissolved.

The entrepreneur got into a heated argument with Ms Meaden who described it as “like arguing with cotton wool.”

He then doubled back on his financial figures, cutting £1.5million off his original valuation for which he based the investment and share percentage off of, angering the Dragons further. 

Following his disastrous pitch, Mr Hajikypri later claimed that he intentionally argued with the Dragons as part of his marketing strategy. 

However, this wasn’t the end of the line for Mr Hajikypri, as in 2015 it was reported that Professional Gains was preparing 70,000 healthy meals every week. 

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