Dragon Quest Builders 2 comes to Steam next month


Square Enix has announced the PC port of Dragon Quest Builders 2. The crafting spin-off from the popular JRPG franchise of the same name will be available on computers via Steam very soon, on December 10th. PC users will also get all previous season pass for free. Check out the announcement trailer here!

When Square Enix released the first Dragon Quest Builders three years ago, many fans of both the franchise and crafting genre were skeptical how the game would turn out. With the massive success of Minecraft, there were fears that the publishers was simply cashing in on the popular genre by setting it in one of their more beloved franchises. The final result positively surprised everyone however with a perfect blend of crafting, combat and co-op goodness. We certainly loved our time with it but at the same time saddened that it didn’t come out on PC, where the genre is so popular.

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 is a block-building role-playing game with a charming single player campaign and a robust multiplayer building mode that supports up to four players online. Create your customised character, team-up with your fearless friend Malroth, gather the skills required to become a full-fledged builder, and combat the Children of Hargon, a vile cult that worships destruction! Then, take your builder online and join your friends to collaborate and create something truly magnificent. Don’t let the name fool you, despite the 2, this is a completely standalone experience featuring new characters, an expansive world, unlimited building combinations, and a storyline that’s sure to satisfy longtime fans and newcomers alike!

Since the first game was a huge success, it was only natural that it was followed up with Dragon Quest Builders 2. Once again, the game only released for consoles but thankfully we now learn that it will soon be available on PC. Not only will it come out before the year ends, PC users also get a welcome bonus in form of all previous season pass content for free. You can pre-order the game on Steam right now for $59.99. If you buy the game before November 20th, you’ll get these in-game items:

  • Medicinal Herb Decoration: a recipe for a decorative Medicinal Herb
  • Dragon Quest Logo Decoration: a recipe for the famous DRAGON QUEST logo.
  • Chimaera Wing Decoration: a recipe for an ornamental Chimaera Wing
  • Sigil Blocks: five recipes for blocks which have either a Sun, Moon, Star, Water drop or Heart symbol
  • Lo-Res Luminary Recipes: a set of recipes for building the Scions of Erdrick
  • Legendary Line Art Recipe: a recipe for a painting of the Scions of Erdrick

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