Deborah Hutton’s ‘forever home’ for sale


Style icon Deborah Hutton’s magnificent Bronte home is on the market and it is expected to fetch an eight figure sum.

Style icon Deborah Hutton’s magnificent Bronte home is headed for November 27 auction with a $10m price guide.

I was impressed from the minute I walked up the front steps through the Myles Baldwin-landscaped front garden.

The wide white-timber-panelled entrance hall with its grand staircase feels welcoming.

I said “wow” as Hutton proudly showed me her “multipurpose” space, I loved the master bedroom and the sauna, and I let out a double “wow” when I saw the upstairs.

With the eastern beaches property market booming, Hutton, along with agents Michael Pallier, managing director of Sotheby’s, and Bethwyn Richards, of The Agency, who have the listing, have every reason to be confident.

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The Bronte house price record was smashed a few weeks back with the sale of 1 Marine Drive for $23.5m and Tamarama’s fell last week when a home fronting Tamarama Marine Drive went for more than $25m.

Pallier describes Hutton’s house as “beautiful … you could spend $100m and I don’t think you could replicate it”. Richards says: “It’s incredible, magnificent.”

Talking to this megastar – she’s had such a rich life so far, being a model, magazine editor, TV personality and homewares queen – it soon became clear that Covid, and what she calls the “watershed moment” of approaching 60, have been hugely motivational.

Hutton’s decided she wants a simpler life. A veggie patch. And a family home.

She’s not sure where she’s moving to yet – somewhere coastal; possibly the “northern beaches” of Wollongong and certainly no more than “an hour and a bit” from Sydney; her beloved Sydney Swans and her golf club at Rosebery.

And whereas her Bronte home was built with purely herself in mind, she says “my future is not me being solo”.

It’s with the new love of her life, meditation guru Andrew Marsh.

“So that’s why it’s exciting for me to move on and plan more of a family home, you know – and no, I’m not pregnant,” she laughs.

She says her next house will be bigger.

“I’ve got nephews in the Southern Highlands – they’re in Bowral, 14 and 16 – so I want to build a house down near there, so that they can come and stay. So it’s going to have more bedrooms,” she says.

Her current home has been perfect for her and would be ideal for a couple.

It has three bedrooms – one that she calls a “multipurpose room”, where friends from the US who came for dinner ended up staying for a month during Covid, but that is also her meditation room.

Hutton bought what was then a 1920s freestanding cottage for $3.8m in 2015 and rebuilt it. It was the view from the “little lounge” of the house, built on Bronte’s most elevated position, that won her over.

She says the huge upstairs living room, with extraordinary views up and down the coastline, “makes my heart sing every time I walk up those stairs”.

“I love the fact that I can see sunrises, moonrises, whales; I love the feeling that if I’m in this room alone I don’t feel alone – it’s a cosy big room,” she says. “And then you go downstairs and I love my bathroom and I go in there and soak myself in a tub. And then I go and have an infra-red sauna and come back out and have a shower and I feel like I’ve done an entire spa afternoon.”


Deborah Hutton will be hosting: Find Your Dream Home on Foxtel in 2022.

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