David Boreanaz Planning Next Show After SEAL Team Series Finale


David Boreanaz Plans to Continue 27 Year TV Streak After SEAL Team Series Finale

David Boreanaz
Monty Brinton/Paramount+

David Boreanaz is already making plans to do another show after finishing filming the final season of SEAL Team.

“I am watching a lot of The Sopranos right now,” Boreanaz, 55, shared with Variety while attending the Monte-Carlo Television Festival on Monday, June 17, adding that he was developing a series as a writer that he could also star in and produce. “I love suits, I love style, I love cars.”

Boreanaz, who has starred as Jason Hayes on SEAL Team since 2017, went on to explain that he has learned he is “good at the dialogue writing” while developing his new project.

“I’m getting better at structure,” he noted. “It is [a] work in progress for me. But I love character breakdowns. I love, you know, story pointing and all that stuff. So creating, yes. I am very good at creating.”

Prior to his seven-season run on SEAL Team, he spent 12 seasons on Bones, which he started just 16 months after ending Angel, the five-season spinoff he led after spending three seasons on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Boreanaz has been consistently on TV since 1997, so his fans are anxiously wondering just how long he’ll really be gone from the small screen after his latest show comes to an end.

While Boreanaz kept the details about his new project for himself, he did share that he is planning to work with Paramount+, which also streams SEAL Team.

David Boreanaz Plans to Continue 27 Year TV Streak After SEAL Team Series Finale

David Boreanaz
Arnold Jerocki/WireImage

“Yep, Paramount+ is a great group of people, and we have had discussions from a director’s perspective, from a producing perspective, from a lead’s perspective,” he explained, noting that there’s “some really good stuff” coming up. “Obviously, I would work with Taylor Sheridan. He is brilliant. But I am going to become my own Taylor Sheridan.”

After a seven season run, SEAL Team announced in November 2023 that the series would end with season 7.

“It has been a privilege to tell stories over seven seasons that honor the bravery and heroism of all who serve our country,” executive producers Spencer Hudnut and Christopher Chulack said in a statement at the time. “We are deeply grateful to our amazing group of actors, writers, directors and talented crew, especially the hundreds of veterans who have worked on this show.”

They continued: “While we wish we could continue to shine a spotlight on areas where we can do better for our service members even after Season 7 comes to an end it is our hope that the collective SEAL Team community will stay in the fight when it comes to protecting our protectors.”

While a premiere date has yet to be set for season 7 of the drama series, Boreanaz shared that a movie follow-up might be “easily achievable” as well.

“Given how we shoot the show, and the locations and being fortunate to go to certain places around the world, and take the show, and tell these stories, and these guys’ drive, [this story] can be picked up at any time,” he told Variety on Monday. “So, without giving away any kind of end to the evolution of the series and where it is, it’s something that is open ended and I wouldn’t say dead.”

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