Dad hailed a hero for killing ‘paedo’ mate after seeing video of daughter’s rape


A 32-year-old man is dead after reportedly showing his friend a horrifying video on his phone of him raping his own eight-year-old daughter.

A dad has been hailed a hero for killing his “paedophile” pal after allegedly seeing footage of him raping his eight-year-old daughter.

A 34-year-old factory worker from Russia was drinking with his friend Oleg Sviridov, 32, when he saw the horrifying clip on the man’s phone.

The sickened dad immediately confronted Sviridov, who ran away before he could act.

Sviridov was a close friend and had been a babysitter for his daughter – allegedly sexually abusing her on multiple occasions.

The rapes were reported to local police, who launched a manhunt for Sviridov.

But the distraught father managed to track him down first and stabbed him to death.

He claimed that Sviridov “stumbled on the knife during a quarrel” in a forest near their village.

The father was detained and the case is under investigation.

Criminal cases have also been opened into the alleged sexual abuse of three children filmed on Sviridov’s mobile.

But villagers and online commenters have demanded the dad should not face a murder charge.

One said: “He is not a murderer — he protected his daughter and our children too. Everyone is on his side.”

Prominent TV journalist and former Russian presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak said: “All parents are standing up for the paedophile’s killer.”

Another commenter Anna Plekhanova said: “If the crime is proven by video facts, then is the girl’s father wrong?

“Any normal parent, mother or father, would have torn apart such a paedophile right on the spot.

“Protecting children is the direct responsibility of parents.”

Sviridov’s mother said that her son had often been a babysitter for the accused man’s children.

The two men had been longtime friends, she said.

“I don’t know how it got to this,” she said.

“He must have been drunk. Most likely he was drunk. They left their children with him all the time.

“When he babysat these girls he came back home as normal, in a good mood.”

— The Sun

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