Cyberpunk 2077 saves get corrupted if you collect too much stuff


It feels like every new day we learn something new that is bad about Cyberpunk 2077. This time, PC players discovered that their save files become corrupted after reaching a certain file size. Worst of all, it’s not repairable.

What an infamous way to end the current console generation. After years of anticipation and a delay-ridden launch period, CD Projekt RED’s open-world action-RPG truly delivered on all fronts for all the wrong reasons.

Technical issues as far as the eye can see even led to an unprecedented refund period on consoles. And while users with a powerful PC had the best possible experience so far, things are turning quickly for the worse.

As discovered by Cyberpunk 2077 players, a possibly game-breaking bug can occur after dozens of hours of playtime. The bug in question only happens on PC so far and the developer already commented on it via GOG.

The gist is, once a player collects and crafts too many items, the save file becomes larger and larger. As it turns out, 8 MB is the upper limit before things start to break. Quite literally, as said large save files become corrupted. And there is no way to repair them.

This means you could easily lose dozens of hours of experience and never get it back. The solution by CD Projekt RED, for now, is to simply not collect too many items. Not really a solution but until a patch comes out that fixes the issue for good, it’s your best bet.

Of course, you could also just put the game on hold until all bugs are ironed out, as well. It’s probably the best solution since Cyberpunk 2077 seems to lack much more than just polish. From enemy AI to completely absent mechanics like player customization in-game, there’s a good chance the game will radically transform in the coming months.

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