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The Kerch Bridge linking Crimea and Russia has been attacked once again with huge clouds of smoke seen rising over the structure on Saturday morning.

A video shared on social media showed huge plumes of white and black smoke rising over the strategically important bridge.

It was unclear if the structure was damaged in the attack but Russian sources claimed to have destroyed two missiles which apparently targeted the bridge.

“Two enemy missiles were shot down by the air defence system in the area of the Kerch Strait. The Crimean bridge was not affected,” the Russia-installed Governor of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov wrote on Telegram.

Russia‘s Ministry of Defence said the strike was carried out with a modified S-200 surface-to-air missile.

“On 12 August, at around 1 pm Moscow time, the Kyiv regime attempted to launch a terrorist strike on the Crimean bridge using an S-200 surface-to-air guided missile converted into a strike version,” it wrote on Telegram claiming the missile was shot down with no damage to the bridge.

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In another video purportedly taken by a Russian tourist vacationing in Crimea, smoke appears to be rising off the bridge. It is impossible to tell the extent of the damage – if any – from the videos shared so far.

Jimmy Rushton, a Kyiv-based security analyst focusing on the war, said that some of the smoke seen in the videos could be from defensive measures deployed by Russian forces.

“A large amount of smoke can be seen – some of it almost certainly produced by Russian smokescreen generators in an attempt to obscure the structure,” he wrote on Twitter.

There were unconfirmed reports that Russian air defences had been active in the area – ostensibly to shoot down Ukrainian missiles or drones aimed at the structure.

Ukraine has previously attacked the Kerch Bridge – a pet project of Vladimir Putin – multiple times throughout the course of the war sometimes causing significant damage.

Not only is the road and train bridge used to supply Russian forces in Crimea and southern Ukraine, it also has the symbolic value of linking the Crimean Peninsula to mainland Russia.

The bridge was severely damaged in a huge blast last October which Ukraine has only recently claimed responsibility for.

The attack killed three people when a truck laden with explosives detonated on the bridge just after 6am on October 8, 2022. The bombing caused part of the road bridge to collapse and set alight a passing tanker train on the adjacent railway bridge.

More recently, Ukraine used water-borne drones to attack the structure damaging part of the road bridge prompting vicious Russian drone and missile attacks on Ukraine‘s cities in retaliation.

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