Crash Team Rumble Gets Final Content Update Next Week


Crash Team Rumble, the 4v4 competitive multiplayer game, is getting its final content update next week, less than a year after its launch. However, the game will still be available to play. 

Players who boot up the game have been greeted with a message, posted below, announcing that on March 4, Crash Team Rumble will get its last content drop. The game is not shutting down, though. The base experience will remain live and players will have access to a free 500-tier battle pass. This includes 104 new items from all content across Seasons 1 through 3 and all available event rewards. Developer Toys for Bob has also disabled Crash Coin purchases, and players can use any remaining coins to buy battle pass tier skips.

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Crash Team Rumble launched last year on June 20, meaning the game’s support only lasted for roughly seven months. While it’s nice that the game won’t be disappearing for the time being (especially since it’s quite fun), it’s a bummer to see its support dry up so quickly. 

We quite enjoyed Crash Team Rumble, scoring it an 8 out of 10 in our review. Writer Aron Garst writes, “Crash Team Rumble’s take on multiplayer platforming madness is unique, with enough depth to keep you on your toes after hours of gameplay. Those searching for a fresh take on the long-running series should give it a try.” 

In related news, Toys for Bob announced that it’s splitting from Activision Blizzard to go independent and potentially partner with Microsoft. You can read more about the studio’s plans here.  

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