Covid symptoms: Expert warns of duration of symptoms could last a year


Vanichkachorn explained that there’s no explanation for the phenomenon, and genetics isn’t a factor.

“I can’t say there’s a genetic basis for the differences in the outcomes,” he said.

“We, of course, have seen patients who have had more severe cases of COVID-19, like those patients being in the ICU or the hospital or patients of advanced age, being more likely to come down with post-Covid syndrome.”

The expert added that it’s not those who survived severe COVID-19 who are more likely to continue experiencing symptoms.

“I think one of the real startling things about this is that those kind of patients, hospitalized patients or the elderly, don’t make up the majority of the patients we have been seeing

“In fact, many of the patients we are seeing are younger in age and are quite healthy and physically fit before their COVID-19 infection.

“So, unfortunately, it does seem like this is something anybody can come down with after their infection.”

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