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The council tax rebate, worth £150, was first announced in the Chancellor’s Spring Statement. At this point, millions of families were told they would start to receive the support from April 1.

It brought relief to many who were concerned about the rising cost of energy bills and substantial price hikes this year.

However, it has now been reported many local authorities have been slow to issue the support to those who need it.

The Telegraph has said some councils are now communicating the rebate will be delayed.

In some cases, these delays will be until September, leaving many households waiting for the vital support.

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Some Britons have expressed their frustration at the payment not arriving, despite council tax bills and notices already being issued.

Twitter user @GlennFRobertson asked: “Anyone at Leeds Council tell me where our £150 council tax rebate is?”

While @Christ1Morris0 said: “It’s nearly the end of April. You’ve had our first payment of 2022/23.

“Where is this £150 council tax rebate?”

Some councils have sought to allay the concerns of worried taxpayers.

Kirklees Council, for example, responded on Twitter, stating: “Hello, we’re working as quickly as possible to ensure people receive their rebate soon. 

“This is a huge logistical task, so please bear with us and the money will land in the coming weeks.”

It is thought around 20 million households in council tax bands A to D will benefit from the rebate, which does not have to be repaid.

This includes 95 percent of rented properties.

An extra £144 million is also being handed out to councils to provide discretionary help for vulnerable households who may not qualify.

This will include those who are on low incomes in council tax bands E to H.

Commenting on the matter, Michael Gove, the Levelling Up secretary, said: “As we emerge from the pandemic, we understand the pressures facing many families as global inflation levels increase.

“The support we have introduced will help millions of people, particularly those on the lowest incomes and the most vulnerable.

“We continue to stand behind the British people and I urge everyone who is eligible to claim this rebate to do so.”

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