Cost-of-living crisis pushing disabled into debt, research shows | Personal Finance | Finance


More than half (54 percent) said they were in the red, with more than a third (38 percent) skipping meals to save money. Some 74 percent said they would be unable to cope if prices continued to rise, while 68 percent admitted the pressure was affecting their mental health.

A study for charity Sense polled 1,006 people with disabilities and 1,002 family members caring for a disabled person. Richard Kramer, Sense chief executive, said: “With social care services cut, many families already struggle to get the support they need and feel there’s no way out of their financial situation.

“The costs disabled people and families face are not luxuries that can be cut and ‘improved household budgeting’ will not solve the problem.

“Disabled people and carers need long-term financial support.”

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