Coronel: If I were Ferrari, I would ask how much Verstappen would cost


Dutch racing driver Tom Coronel thinks that Ferrari should consider trying to lure Max Verstappen away from Red Bull.

The Scuderia had a strong start to the season, with their car seemingly having more pace than that of Verstappen’s squad.

Reliability concerns have proved an issue for both sides at various points in the campaign so far, but Verstappen has managed to build a substantial lead at the top of the World Championship standings.

Coronel, though, believes that he could have had even more of an advantage had he been in a Ferrari.

Coronel: If I was Ferrari boss I would want Verstappen

When asked whether Verstappen would have had even more success at the wheel of the red car in 2022 during a discussion on the RacingNews365 F1 podcast, Coronel said: “Yes, one hundred per cent.

“I’ve always said that. What is Max’s value? It’s what Ferrari is willing to pay for it. That is in any case the reason why Red Bull has signed him for the long term, because then at least you know that you have the best driver in the house.

“If I were Ferrari, the director of Ferrari, I would now ask: how much will it cost to buy Max away from Red Bull? Who says it can’t be done? I’ve seen so many things happen with money! Then you see at once what Verstappen is worth. He is worth infinitely; he is worth all Ferrari.”

The chances of this move seem somewhat unlikely, though; Verstappen has signed to remain with Red Bull until the end of 2028, and has previously spoken of wanting to race for the Milton Keynes-based outfit “forever”.

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