Coronavirus bin warning: Should you wash your hands before bringing your bin back in?


cases in the UK have reached more than 8,000 and are continuing to increase daily. Now with the country on lockdown to prevent further spread and protect those most vulnerable, many of us are facing huge changes to our daily lives.

Britons are adapting to working from home, schooling their children from home and not going outside unless absolutely necessary.

These measures are the strictest the Government has implemented so far, and the police are ensuring Britons abide by them.

Key workers such as nurses, doctors, social workers and more are continuing to work, as are important services like bin collections and delivery drivers.

With the concern around coronavirus, many across the UK are concerned about keeping healthy and avoiding the spread of the virus.

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How does washing your hands prevent catching coronavirus?

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, there has been one message the government and NHS have touted loud and clear – wash your hands.

The NHS advises washing hands regularly with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds.

Washing your hands removes any droplets containing the virus you may have picked up when out and about

If you touch your face while those droplets are on your hands, this is one way the virus can enter your system.

This advice continues, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson reminding the nation to wash their hands at almost every daily coronavirus press conference. 

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