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In the Background and methodology: Cold Weather Payment estimates for the official statistics, it explains that during the period of November 1 to March 31, the daily average temperatures are measured by the Met Office at a network of 95 weather stations across Great Britain.

Each residential postcode area in Britain is linked to one of the weather stations.

Should the weather station record or forecast the average temporary to be zero degrees Celsius or below over seven days in a row, then the £25 payment will be automatically made to those eligible within the coverage of the area.

The methodology states: “The scheme links postcode districts to weather stations that report to the Met Office on a daily basis.

“The Met Office takes account of topography, the extent of built-up areas and the distance from available weather stations.

“Each postcode district is assigned to a weather station with the most similar climate in terms of 1981-2010 average winter temperature.”

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