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The UK has experienced spells of freezing temperatures over the last few weeks, prompting many to turn up their heating. Eligible people are entitled to Cold Weather Payments from the Government when cold spells in their local area last for a prolonged period of time.

What are Cold Weather Payments?

Cold Weather Payments can support people who claim certain benefits with extra cash when the temperature drops.

Cold Weather Payments are issued if the average temperature in an area is recorded as, or is forecast to be, 0C or below for seven days in a row.

The scheme is active between November 1 and March 31 every year.

Cold Weather Payments are £25 for each consecutive seven-day period where the temperature hits 0C or below.

You can check whether there is a Cold Weather Payment due in your area via the Government website HERE. 

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Cold Weather Payments are automatically sent to people who qualify for the funding.

If someone believes they should be eligible for Cold Weather Payments but their claims are not approved, they can ask for ‘mandatory reconsideration’.

Turn2Us explain on their website: “If you disagree with the decision made on your claim you can usually ask for it to be looked at again known as a ‘mandatory reconsideration’.

“If you still disagree with the further decision you can then appeal to an independent tribunal.

“The time limits are strict, you will usually be given one month to dispute a decision, so it is important to seek advice and act quickly.”

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