Clement Beaune makes ‘most powerful leader’ comment after Macron election win | World | News


Paris’ Europe Minister, who has frequently been wheeled out to defend France’s access to UK fishing waters post-Brexit, joined other Europhiles in celebrating Macron’s victory in the 2022 French Presidential Election.

Mr Macron won his second consecutive French Presidential Election by defeating National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen by 58 percent to 42 percent.

The margin was slightly narrower when the pair faced off in 2017, as Mr Macron emerged victorious by 66 percent to 34 percent.

However, Mr Beaune, an ally of the French President, claimed Mr Macron is now arguably the most powerful leader on the continent.

He told Playbook Macron’s victory “is excellent news for a strong France that is a leader in Europe”.

Beaune added: “Now comes the next battle, that of the legislative elections: to have a majority that will allow us to implement the program, meet expectations and not block the country.”


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