Cleaning tip: Mrs Hinch fan shares toothpaste hack to bring dirty trainers ‘back to life’


Mrs Hinch – also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe – regularly shares her cleaning hacks online. She continues to inspire people to clean their homes each day and fans have also set up their own dedicated cleaning social media pages where they share their own cleaning tips. 

Others also recommended this hack but said to put the toothpaste onto a microfibre cloth first instead of directly applying it to the shoe.

Another woman explained: “Agree with the toothpaste hack although it has to be a clear white one, none of the toothpastes with blue or red in them.

“Put on a cloth, I use microfibre and rub in circular motions.

“The results are insane, it brings them back to life.”

One cleaning fan said: “I use The Pink Stuff to clean my trainers, especially white ones.

“Put it onto a toothbrush and scrub on your trainers. I like to then put them in the washing machine inside a pillowcase to remove all of the cleaning product.”

Another wrote: “I scrub with the paste and a nail brush before spraying a bit of elbow grease on and stain remover.

“Then pop them in the washing machine on a cool wash, mine always come out looking nice and fresh.”

The versatile cleaning paste can also be used to remove stubborn stains from the oven.

Sharing on the same Facebook page, one fan explained that the £1 left her oven looking as good as new.

Raving about the product, the woman said: “So had to clean the oven door today and I’ve tried everything to clean it and nothing worked so I got The Pink Stuff paste and oh my god it’s brilliant.

“Best thing I’ve ever used, I’m using it on everything I can.”

She explained that she scrubbed the paste off after immediate application to the oven and with some elbow grease, managed to get the oven looking sparkly clean.

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