Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share how to keep washing machine seals clean


After Christmas celebrations and lots of washing, your washing machine may be looking like it needs a clean. One common problem cleaning enthusiasts find is their washing machine seals get filled with grime and excess water. Fans of cleaning star Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, have shared how to keep washing machine seals clean.

Amanda Thwaits replied: “I always dry mine with kitchen roll and leave a piece at the bottom of the seal, and leave the door open.”

Vivienne Copeland commented: “Perfectly normal, just wipe it out each time you use it and leave the door ajar.”

Macy Vanner said: “I thought this was normal, and you leave door open after wash to prevent mould.

“Or soak up with tea towel or kitchen roll.”

Leaving your washing machine door open allows moisture to escape and prevents mildew.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included doing a hot wash, cleaning the machine and checking holes in the seal and drains.

Ella Gardner said: “It will happen if your water pressure is too high, will allow too much water to come into the drum during the wash which will then cause it to go into the seal and filter etc.”

Hilary Dyer replied: “I gave mine a good clean a while ago, and was horrified at how much horrible sludge I found, at the top as well as the bottom edge.

“I push a tea towel in after every wash and dry it thoroughly.”

Reece Penney said: “You will always have some water there it stops the seal drying out and cracking and tearing easily when not in use.”

Charlene Conyard replied: “Could be the water pipes.

“If you have baking soda, put it down your sink, leave it sitting for a while then a kettle of hot water kills the smell in the pipes.

“Then, if you have dishwasher tablets on a hot wash in the drum of the machine, it should clean it all. Do the sink first.”

Emma Walker suggested: “The door rubber has a little hole at the bottom – check it’s not blocked.”

Airam Lily said: “A service engineer told me to put my machine on the hottest wash once a month with nothing in it, no products at all.

“This completely cleans your machine and all your pipe. Forget the expensive products.”

Andy Lee said: “That looks like limescale, might be worth using Calgon for a while.”

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