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It can be hard to get rid of limescale from your shower.

The hard, chalky deposit can collect over time and often causes unsightly stains.

And one man admitted he was struggling with it building up on his shower recently, as he went on Facebook for some cleaning advice.

The guy, named Matt, took to Facebook group Cleaning Tips, Tricks & Hacks to share a photo of his limescale-stained shower as he looked for some tips. He wrote: “Any one have any advice on the best thing to use to clean this I’ve tried bleach ,glass spray, white vinegar spray and washing liquid but it’s not taking all the limescale off. Any help be much appreciated.”

The post garnered hundreds of comments as people tried to help. And there was one product that seemed to be mentioned most of all – The Pink Stuff Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner Spray.

According to the product description, The spray offers a non-drip formula that helps clean areas around the bathroom, by penetrating and removing dirt on all hard surfaces. It reportedly ‘easily removes a build-up of bathroom limescale using the 750ml foam cleaning spray’.

People on Facebook certainly seemed to like it, with one person writing: “I used the pink stuff. Worked great.” Another agreed: “The only thing that works for me is the pink stuff foaming bathroom cleaner! Takes about 2 times to get it all off then I do it once weekly.”

A third also chimed in: “Use PINK STUFF then maintain with a mixture of dawn dish soap and vinegar. Wipe out with towel after every use!”

The product can be bought for £1.50 or less in most retailers, and has also won rave reviews elsewhere online.

It has many 5-star reviews on the Asda website, with one shopper writing: “The best cleaner spray ever. One say, I decided to try The Pink stuff bathroom spray and I was speechless. I use it everywhere now: sinks, shower, taps, bath, toilet. It removes limescale within seconds. Not sure how it works but it’s brilliant. Please keep selling this spray.”

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