Clean Air Zone daily charges placing ‘enormous’ strain on drivers


Motorists have experienced the  of a number of new , which can be a large burden, with many calling for additional help. Experts have said that drivers, particularly tradespeople, are dealing with an “enormous” strain, and must not be forgotten.

Two Clean Air Zones have already launched this year, with charging beginning in Tyneside (Gateshead and Newcastle), while Sheffield launched its zone at the end of February.

Daren Jasper, head of commercial vehicles at Select Car Leasing, says Clean Air Zones are the right choice and a step in the right direction when it comes to greener motoring and better living.

He argues: “We’re seeing the introduction of more and more Clean Air Zones across the country, with a scheme for Greater Manchester also currently under review. 

“These zones are, of course, integral when it comes to reducing air pollution and improving air quality in our most populated regions. 

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“We should also be urging tradespeople to consider switching to zero emission electric vehicles. 

“And it’s my view we need better awareness about just how cost-effective an EV light commercial vehicle can be for many people.”

For the most recently launched Clean Air Zone, Sheffield charges any non-compliant and non-private vehicle to drive in the city.

Polluting vans, LGVs and taxis will be charged £10 per day, while non-compliant coaches, buses, lorries and HGVs will see a £50 charge.

Due to the cost of living crisis, all local light-good vehicles and hackney carriage taxis will be exempt until June 5, 2023.

Mr Jasper concluded, saying: “The range between charges for electric vans is also improving all the time, making these vehicles a viable option for more and more businesses. 

“As clean air zones become more ubiquitous, we anticipate a sharp rise in firms switching to EV fleets – and we’d urge businesses to explore what’s on offer.”

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