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China’s latest move involved two PLA Xian H-6 bombers getting close to Taiwan’s air defence identification zone from the east on Sunday. They neared the island’s identification zone after flying from the East China Sea through the Miyako Strait between the Japanese islands of Okinawa and Miyakojima, the defence ministry in Tokyo revealed.

In the past month, the PLA aircraft carried out 10 incursions, taking this year’s total number of incursions up to 16.

Observers claimed the intrusion was both for practice and to caution the US against defending Taiwan.

The US responded to the recent PLA attacks by sending aircraft, mostly reconnaissance planes through Taiwan’s airspace, with six of them flying over on Monday.

The SCS Probing action, a Peking University think tank, said the US moves were likely intended to audit Chinese military activity in the Bashi Channel and South China Sea.

Taiwan’s defence ministry has insisted it is completely in control of traffic in the air and sea surrounding Taiwan and urged its citizens to remain calm.

However, Su Chi, former secretary general of Taiwan’s National Security Council, admitted he was concerned about the ongoing circumstances.

“Given the military imbalance between Taiwan and the mainland, the absence of cross-strait dialogue and no [efficient communication] mechanism in place between the US and the mainland, I am worried about the situation because anything could happen,” said Mr Su.

Mr Su expressed his concern about senator Josh Hawley’s proposal of a Taiwan defence act.

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Wang Kung-yi, a professor of political science at Chinese Culture University in Taipei, said it did not come as a surprise that Ms Tsai did not comment on the US’ period of social unrest and protests.

“Given Taiwan’s close ties with Washington, it is inconvenient for Tsai to comment on the US unrest or how Trump has handled the protests,” he said.

“And as she is likely to draw criticism if she says something good about Trump – she might as well keep silent.”

However, Ms Tsai approach to police brutality and the breach of human rights in Hong Kong differed, Mr Wang said.

“Her government has adopted a policy of countering China, so it’s not surprising for her to speak out against what has happened in Hong Kong, which is under the control of Beijing.”

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