Chef shares how to cook the best bacon without frying in oil or using an oven


Bacon is typically preferred crispy, but it so it doesn’t end up charred is a skill.

@chefthomson on explained that the “most common mistake” people make when cooking bacon is they use a very high heat. This leads to the bacon turning “very dry and crusty”.

Instead of adding copious amounts of oil to a frying pan or putting it in the oven or , households should try his method to cook bacon.

The expert shared a video where he shows how to cook the “best bacon you’ll ever have”.

To do so, start by adding your rashers of bacon to a cold pan and add water to cover the bacon and turn the heat to medium.

After about three minutes the water will come to a boil – that’s a “good sign” as you want this to simmer.

The chef noted that if the bulbs in the water get too big, just turn down the heat.

He urged: “Stop being afraid to flip the bacon. You do not need to keep the bacon on one side for a long time. This is not a steak.”

The chef claimed that by cooking bacon this way, “you’ll end up with chewy, rich bacon. This is going to be some of the best bacon you’ll probably ever have.”

@uknownperson420 said: “I agree because I used to like crunchy bacon but I tried cooking bacon this way and it slaps.”

However, one user argued that using the oven gives you “perfect” bacon “every time”.

In response, the chef replied: “Oven is good for a large batch. For a smaller portion, this method will be quicker and yield a better result.”

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