Cheapest time of day to use appliances: ‘Off-peak hours’ could save you money


The cost of living is continuing to impact Britons up and down the country with 89 percent of adults in Britain reporting that their cost of living has increased.

With many people finding new ways to save money on their energy bills, sustainable energy experts at L&R Renewables have shared the best time of day to use appliances to save energy and money.

The experts said: “The best time of day to use appliances to conserve energy can vary depending on your location and the specific energy pricing structure in your area. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow.”

Off-peak hours

Many utility companies have off-peak hours when electricity demand is lower so during these times, the cost of electricity may be lower, or you may have access to special time-of-use tariffs.

The experts added: “Using appliances during off-peak hours can help you save money and reduce strain on the electrical grid.”

Morning and late evening

The early morning and late evening hours tend to have some of the lowest electricity demand so running appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, or even clothes dryers during these times may be more “energy-efficient”.

Avoid peak demand hours

With most people working 9-5pm and children finishing school at 3pm, it’s not surprising that peak times tend to be between 3pm and 6pm.

During these times, electricity rates may be higher, and the electrical grid is under increased stress.

The experts added: “To conserve energy, try to avoid running major appliances during peak demand hours.”

Take advantage of natural light and warm temperatures

Property owners can make the most of natural light and minimise the use of artificial lighting to save money on electricity.

During warmer weather, homeowners should consider using appliances like washing machines, dryers, or dishwashers later in the evening when temperatures are cooler to reduce the workload on air conditioning units.

Smart appliances and timers

Some appliances come with built-in features or can be connected to smart home systems so homeowners can schedule when they use certain appliances.

If your home has these features, take advantage of them and use appliances during the most energy-efficient times of day.

The experts said: “Remember, these suggestions are general guidelines, and it’s essential to consider your local energy pricing, time-of-use tariffs, and peak demand periods.

“Check with your utility provider for specific information about energy pricing and recommendations for energy conservation in your area.”

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