Cataclismo, A City-Building RTS By The Makers Of Moonlighter, Gets July Release Date


Digital Sun, the studio behind Moonlighter and The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story, has announced its city-building RTS, Cataclismo, is coming in July.

Cataclismo was first revealed last year and was successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter. It blends real-time strategy with tower defense. Set in a world devastated by an event known as the Cataclismo, you must rebuild. During the day, this means you’ll gather resources to construct fortresses brick-by-brick in a Lego-like fashion, along with placing soldiers and traps. Once night arrives, waves of monsters assault your stronghold, and you must repel them.

The game boasts realistic physics simulations (e.g., your strongholds collapse in a realistic manner, including falling debris that can squash enemies), and you can upgrade your fortress with improved building elements, troops, and more. In addition to a 30-hour story-driven single-player campaign, Cataclismo features a creative mode, a wave-based survival mode, and a battle-focused skirmish mode. 

Cataclismo launches on July 18 for PC, and has a free Steam demo available now. 

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