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How might Carer’s Allowance affect the person being cared for?

When a person receives Carer’s Allowance, the person being cared for will usually stop getting the Severe Disability Premium paid with their benefits, as well as the extra amount for severe disability paid with Pension Credit.

It may also stop them from getting reduced council tax. To check the impact Carer’s Allowance might have on the severe disability payment, claimants are directed to contact whoever pays this benefit.

This is usually Jobcentre Plus, their local council, the Pension Service Helpline or Universal Credit.

How might carer’s allowance affect the carer’s other benefits?

For the carer, claiming carer’s allowance will either increase other benefit payments or it will stay the same, according to the Government website, and it won’t count towards the benefit cap.

For those who get Working Tax Credits or Child Tax Credits, it’s suggested they contact HMRC to inform them of the claim.

However, due to the DWP’s overlapping benefits rule, it is noted claimants cannot get the full amount of both Carer’s Allowance and their at the same time.

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