Car insurance UK: BMW owners pay the highest costs with fees of over £3,500 per year


New data from experts at Local Driving School has analysed the most expensive charges for the highest charged demographic, those who have recently passed their test. The analysis shows newly qualified drivers who insure a BMW 1 Series will be charged up to £3,552 to drive the vehicle.

However, even more affordable models such as the Ford Focus and Volkswagen models were also affected.

Volkswagen Polo owners were the second highest with drivers paying over £3,000 to use the car.

Newly qualified Volkswagen Golf owners pay an average of £2,873 per year.

One of the UK’s most popular road cars, the Ford Focus comes with average insurance costs of £2,354 per year.

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“To avoid any costly surprises, check insurance quotes on the exact model you’re looking at before buying, and compare this to similar models with different specifications.

“The smallest details can massively change the quoted price from these averages.

“We also recommend checking the safety ratings of the cars you’re comparing.

“A high safety rating should be an important consideration in any purchase.”

The analysis has revealed drivers looking for a bargain can find vehicles offering policies at almost £2,000 cheaper than the most expensive.

However, costs for newly qualified drivers were still almost £1,500 per year due to their increased road risk.

The Volkswagen UP had the cheapest insurance charges with an average value of £1,483 per year.

Citroen’s C1 was found to have the second cheapest for newly qualified drivers with average costs at £1,623 per year.

Newly qualified drivers who own a Hyundai I10 could receive a policy of £1,627 per year with Ford KA owners set to pay £1,650 per year.

Toyota Aygo owners also face relatively cheap charges with newly qualified road users set to pay £1,755 per year.

Responding to the allegations, Ford said “affordable” models were available. 

They said: “From lead-in Focus Zetec to sporty ST-Line and rugged Active, there are affordable 10E to 11E insurance group ratings against each. have contacted BMW and Volkswagen for comment.


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