Burrow Furniture Sale 2021 – Up To $600 Off Modular Couches


For the past three years, I’ve recommended my Burrow Nomad couch to anyone who’s willing to listen. It’s a simple black full-grain leather couch with a removable lounging chaise and ottoman, and it’s withstood a move, dogs with sharp claws, and kids with lots of energy. It’s something I’d pay top dollar for (full disclosure: I tested the couch for free some years ago as a writer specializing in home and kitchen gear), and right now, it’s on major sale.

Now through July 11 at 11:59 PST, you can save up to $600 at Burrow. Take 10% off any purchase up to $1,899, or save anywhere from $200 to $600 on your entire purchase—the larger your order, the larger the discount. The direct-to-consumer furniture brand only has a sale this big a few times a year, so if you’ve been waiting for the perfect couch or side table, now’s your chance. The discounts are automatically applied at checkout as long as you hit the thresholds, and there’s free shipping, too.

Ready for some inspo? Here are some of our favorite Burrow pieces—yes, including my beloved couch.

1. Slope Nomad Leather King Sectional With Ottoman, $4,085 $3,485

I love this couch for its streamlined look, comfy seats, and modular design. I can just take the seats apart, fold them down, and move them around as I need. I have a four-seater with a chaise and ottoman, but there are cozy loveseats for small spaces, too. The sturdy full-grain leather is classic, somehow not sticky even during the summer, and hasn’t ripped or torn in the past three years.

Photo by Burrow

2. Carta Credenza, $895 $805.50

This mid-century modern credenza offers more storage than you’d expect, with a roomy interior and adjustable shelves. You also have the option between two wood finishes, door finishes, and leg styles so you can customize it to your space.

Photo by Burrow

3. Kettle Side Table, $265 $238.50

Simple yet structural, this drum side table can house drinks (with coasters, please and thank you!), remotes, candles, magazines—you name it.

Photo by Burrow

4. Range 2-Piece One Arm Sofa with Table, $1,095 $985.50

If I didn’t already own a couch, I’d buy this beauty in a heartbeat. The mossy green color is fun and unexpected (though there are more neutral colors like light and dark gray), and the fabric would add so much texture to my living room.

Photo by Burrow

5. Night Swim Rug, $395 $355.50

If you’re not a fan of cleaning shaggy or high-pile rugs often, this low-pile rug is much easier to maintain. The medium-blue can hide a variety of sins while the white stitching draws your eyes away from the red wine stains.

Photo by Burrow

6. Smoke Blanket Set, $195 $175.50

Normally, we’d prefer to choose our own decor à la carte over pre-made sets because they’re usually very matchy-matchy, but this coordinated set is changing our minds. We love how the textures and colors play off each other in an unexpected way.

Photo by Burrow

7. Color Cord Duo Plug-In Sconce, $260 $234

Sconces can add ambient lighting and a sophisticated vibe without taking up any real estate on the floor. This one gets extra points for being a plug-in so there’s no hardwiring needed.

Photo by Burrow

What do you plan on buying at Burrow? Drop some inspo in the comments below!

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