Brown refutes claim over Andretti F1 dismissal


McLaren CEO Zak Brown has denied there is an “anti-American” bias surrounding Andretti being turned away from the Formula 1 grid.

Earlier this year, F1 opted to reject Andretti’s proposal to join the grid after clearing the first phase of scrunity from the FIA.

Despite its refusal, Andretti has been pushing ahead with its plans to join the grid, establishing a base in the United Kingdom and signing Pat Symonds to lead its technical squad.

Andretti has also caught the attention of US Congress, with a strongly written letter sent to the Department of Justice last month.

The letter accused “foreign automakers” of blocking Andretti’s F1 attempt, but Brown doesn’t believe there is a bias that exists against Andretti.

“I don’t think there’s an anti-American culture within Formula 1  at all,” Brown told ESPN.

“When you look at the sport, you’ve got European manufacturers, you’ve got Ford from North America, you’ve got Honda from Japan. 

“So the sport is extremely global. I’ve never come across any favouritism or negativity towards any region of the world. The whole world participates in Formula 1.”

American presence in F1

Brown highlighted there is a large American influence and presence currently in F1.

“As it relates to America, Liberty [Media, F1’s commercial rights holders] is American; we’ve gone from one race to three races in America, including the single largest investment Formula 1 has ever made in anything, in Vegas.

“You have Ford, who have recently entered the sport. You have myself running one of the top teams in the sport. 

“You have Netflix, which has been fantastic for the sport globally but specifically North America. 

“And now on the tail end of that we have Brad Pitt, who’s going to do a global movie that is U.S.-based, which will do wonders for the sport.

“I’m sympathetic to the frustration, but the ‘Formula 1 isn’t welcoming America’ [claim]… I think it’s unfortunate that the root of the issue [has shifted from being] between Andretti and Formula 1 and adding value.”

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