Brits ‘need’ 16 confidence boosters a month to feel their best, research finds


The typical Brit “needs” 16 confidence boosters a month to feel their best, according to research. A poll of 2,000 adults revealed the biggest confidence raisers include getting a compliment or general praise, spraying their favourite perfume, and knowing the answer to a quiz question.

Wearing their favourite outfit, doing something they thought they couldn’t do, getting a compliment on their smile, and receiving a friendly smile from a stranger, can also give them a lift.

Similarly, exercising, getting a beauty treatment, and having someone ask you for advice – because they see you as an expert or reliable – all have a positive impact on self-esteem as well.

And such occurrences do make a difference, as 83 percent of those polled said they can make a “bad day good, and a good day even better”.

Rosemarie Maka, from Philips Sonicare, which commissioned the research, said: “We all need a lift from time to time, and it’s fascinating to see the range of seemingly simple everyday experiences that can significantly boost our confidence and brighten our day.

“Whether it’s the small act of flashing a friendly smile, sharing a genuine laugh, or simply having the reassurance of fresh breath, these moments that we can often overlook can make our day 20 times better.”

The study also found 41 percent of adults regularly return the favour by sharing a smile with others to boost their moods, while 44 percent often compliment other people to help lift their confidence.

It also emerged 46 percent feel more confident now than they did 10 years ago – putting this down to being more comfortable with who they are (64 percent), overcoming challenges (40 percent), and being more experienced in the workplace (29 percent).

But of the one in ten (nine percent) who feel a lot less confident, 57 percent blame not looking the same as they used to, while four in ten don’t feel like they have a spring in their step anymore.

Feeling tired (49 percent), clothes not fitting properly (40 percent), and not having the time to care for their appearance (25 percent), were also among the reasons people have lost confidence.

But to help boost their confidence, people take care of their hair (19 percent), mind (16 percent), skin (15 percent), and teeth (13 percent).

The study, conducted via OnePoll, found 29 percent said the decade in which they felt the most confident was in their 20s – followed by 19 percent, who felt most self-assured in their 30s.

And 61 percent said younger generations are more confident now than they were at the same age.

It also emerged 55 percent feel a smile is the most prominent feature in a confident person, followed by posture and stance (43 percent).

TV personality, Georgia Toffolo, who is supporting the Philips Sonicare campaign encouraging people to focus on the effortless boosters that make them feel their freshest, said: “Let’s face it, a smile can work wonders, and make a massive difference to ourselves and others whilst we navigate day-to-day life.

“To ensure I’m always smiling and feeling my best, I’ve learnt to focus on the simple things that can boost my mood and confidence.

“Taking my dog, Monty, for a walk, or someone complimenting me on having a sparkly smile, always brightens my day and helps to put a spring in my step.”

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