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A British tourist was in for a shock when asking for “quiet town” recommendations on Reddit as people explained why tourists aren’t feeling welcome.

The unknown tourist posted on Reddit asking for recommendations on “parts of Spain that don’t attract many tourists” as he looked for a quieter holiday.

And though some people gave him good recommendations, others warned him that numerous towns tried to keep away from “rowdy tourists” after popular destinations like Benidorm became filled with Brits.

He wrote: “What are some parts of Spain that don’t attract many tourists? Unlike tourists hot spots like Barcelona, Madrid, Benidorm, Alicante, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Ibiza etc.

“I’m noticing some hostility towards me, I am not one of those rowdy tourists you often encounter. I’m just a quiet guy looking for a quiet holiday somewhere away from those rowdy tourists that you dread.”

Commenters were quick to explain why he may be feeling hostility when looking for quieter towns to visit, with one writing: “There is currently a problem with economic planning favouring the interests of the wealthy tourist and wealthy immigrant industries, but it mostly affects areas that are overwhelmed with tourists already like Barcelona and the Canary Islands.

“Visiting somewhere less full of tourists as a tourist is not going to be a problem. To be a good participant, make use of hotels rather than investors’ rental properties.”

Another said: “This has nothing to do with you possibly being rowdy, it’s to do with the property market going crazy because of short term rentals and digital nomads.”

While a third added: “The problem is gentrification, that’s the root of the hostility. You may be a great dude but it’s just too many people coming. Locals are being priced out and you can’t avoid that being quiet.”

It comes as protesters prepare for more demonstrations this summer in the Canary Islands as locals demand changes to the tourism model.

Protesters brought with them a panoply of banners and placards in a demonstration in Gran Canaria on Saturday. One read: “The Canaries are no longer a paradise”. While another said: “My grandparents’ house was not an Airbnb”.

The government in the Canary Islands fear the demonstrations could have an impact on tourism this summer, with protesters warning there is more to come if their demands are not met.

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